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01 Jacob Husley, August Jakobsen - Blue (Minilogue Remix) - Wetyourself
Sunday Night Sleaze (July 20th, 2014) Danny Lloyd
01 Jacob Husley, August Jakobsen - Blue (Minilogue Remix) - WetYourSelf Recordings
Elements (July 14th, 2014) Danny Lloyd
10 APP - Friends feat. The French Edge - WetYourSelf!
Mixture (July 1st, 2014) Karol XVII & MB Valence
09 Betoko - Lamento Azteka - WetYourSelf Recordings
Tempo (April 10th, 2014) DJ Inc
04 Cormac - Is This Love? - WetYourSelf
Darker Shades (April 3rd, 2014) Naveen G.
03 APP - My Girl (Original Mix) - Wetyourself!
Gooseneck Subspiele (December 4th, 2013) SAND
02 Marc Houle - I uh You - WetYourSelf!
Transitions (March 1st, 2013) Miss Kittin
13 Marc Houle - I Uh You (Original Mix) - WetYourSelf Recordings
Ltd (December 28th, 2012) Bon Spengler
01 Cormac - Cold (In The Ground Edit) - WetYourSelf Recordings
Open Up (October 26th, 2012) Opencloud
03 Jacob Husley - Into You (Original Mix) - Wetyourself Recordings
Sunday Night Sleaze (September 30th, 2012) Opencloud
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