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Looq Records

09 Oleg Wave - No Music (Kink Remix) - Uniform Recordings
Defected in the House (July 5th, 2014) Sam Divine
09 Wasabi & Vouge - No mother - Uniform Recordings
Galileo (June 15th, 2012) Angelie
08 Lucas Keizer - Tussionex - Uniform
Plastic City (October 7th, 2011) Lukas Greenberg
23 Nick & Danny Chatelain - XSONAR2020 (Cristian Varela Remix) - Uniform Inflow
Featured Artist (November 24th, 2010) Christian Cambas
10 Pete Dafeet - Fuzzy (Nacho Marco Remix) - Uniform
Aquamarine with Deepology (June 16th, 2010) Onur Ozman
13 jake childs - dirty h-town (spettro rmx) - - uniform black
Purr (January 26th, 2010) Greg Pappanastos
03 Kink - Wet (Brett Johnson Remix) - Uniform
Urbantorque (October 6th, 2008) Leigh Morgan
13 13. Jake Childs - "Chain and Ice" - (Uniform)
Ready Mix Sessions (August 19th, 2008) Asad Rizvi
10 10. Oleg Wave - "No Music" - (Uniform)
Ready Mix Sessions (August 19th, 2008) Asad Rizvi
07 jake childs & Luis Roberto - Gangsta Like That - uniform black
Frequency (March 25th, 2007) Jake Childs
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Lukas Greenberg
Onur Ozman
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Tyler Stadius
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Aquamarine with Deepology
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Defected in the House
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Frying Pan
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Plastic City
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