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10 Jerome Sydenham - Darkdroom - UK Promotions
Affin (March 12th, 2010) Joachim Spieth
01 Jerome Sydenham - Deep Fried (Powerless) - UK Promotions
The Download (March 9th, 2010) DJ Foxx
01 Jerome Sydenham - Deep Fried - Uk Promotions
Sunday Night Sleaze (February 7th, 2010) Technasia
01 Jerome Sydenham - Deep Fried - UK Promotions
Space Opera (February 4th, 2010) Technasia
08 Jerome Sydenham - Jor El - Uk Promotions
Berlin Kreuzberg Institut (August 28th, 2009) Samuel l Session
20 Jerome Sydenham - Jor El - UK Promotions
Systematic Session (August 17th, 2009) Technasia
10 Jerome Sydenham - Jor El - Uk Promotions
Affin (August 14th, 2009) Joachim Spieth
13 Kerri Chandler - A Demo by 6-23 - UK Promotions
Pinksilver (January 23rd, 2008) Daniel Filipovic

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Samuel l Session
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Berlin Kreuzberg Institut
Space Opera
Sunday Night Sleaze
Systematic Session
The Download

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