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01 The Forest - Mdma (Original Mix) - Salto Recordings
In Your Tomorrow (June 23rd, 2011) Antifish
07 Danjel Van Tijn - Harmonika (Original Mix) - Salto Recordings
Etoka Sessions (March 3rd, 2010) Olga Flapper
03 Akin & Nomid - Stradivari - Salto Recordings
Flux (August 9th, 2009) Cassino & Laben
04 Hirotaka Miyamoto - Living In The Synth (Original Mix) - Salto Recordings
Balkanians (January 16th, 2009) Inspired
01 Linus Quick - Nightwalker (Markus Guentner Mix) - Salto
Blue Industries (May 3rd, 2008) Stefan Anion
05 Linus Quick - Nightwalker (Markus Guentner Remix) - Salto
TechTribe Essentials (April 10th, 2008) Tarmo Vannas
02 Linus Quick - Nightwalker (Markus Guetner Remix) - Salto
Global Scum Show (April 4th, 2008) Stephan Hinz
01 Vodovoz - Desert Plains - Salto
TechTribe Essentials (December 6th, 2007) Tarmo Vannas
05 Max Brannslokker, Plaex - Telze (Plaex Mix) - Salto
Sunday Night Sleaze (October 7th, 2007) Madoka
05 Max Brannslokker, Plaex - Telze (Plaex Mix) - Salto
Serendipity (October 2nd, 2007) Madoka
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