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10 Dave Angel - Zulu (Original Mix) - Plaza In Crowd
.AUdio (September 19th, 2013) Tim Culbert
13 TEMMA Teje - Candy - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (June 26th, 2012) Satoshi Fumi
04 Dublee - Swing(TEMMA-Teje Remix) - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (January 24th, 2012) Satoshi Fumi
06 Dave Angel - Zulu (Satoshi Fumi Remix) - Plaza In Crowd
Electric Avenue (January 9th, 2012) Ian O'Donovan
10 FOOG.TEMMA-Teje - Dumb - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (November 22nd, 2011) Satoshi Fumi
09 Dave Angel,Ken Ishii - Type E - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (September 27th, 2011) Satoshi Fumi
08 SASAKI Hiroaki - Micro Wave Pianist - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (August 23rd, 2011) Satoshi Fumi
06 Little Nobody - Metropolis How (Dave Angel Remix) - Plaza In Crowd
Blue Industries (July 26th, 2011) Stefan Weise
07 Popnoname - 2012(Pinto Remix) - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (June 22nd, 2010) Satoshi Fumi
08 Hiroshi Watanabe - A New Place For Your Heart - Plaza In Crowd
Outerspace (April 27th, 2010) Satoshi Fumi
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