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07 Animal Trainer - Boogie - Original Mix - Play My Track Recordings
Loöq Radio (March 14th, 2014) Jondi and Spesh
03 Nico Stojan - Quiet Now (Original Mix) - Play My Track
Perspectives (January 26th, 2014) Darin Epsilon
08 Solee - Jonalu (Original Mix) - Play My Track Recordings
Deep Impact (December 3rd, 2013) Jelly For The Babies
22 Caro, Dapayk & Padberg - Island feat. Caro (Florian Meindl Remix) - Play My Track Recordings
Five Star Sound (December 1st, 2013) Patrick Yu
01 George Perry - Afterlife (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix) - Play My Track
Silk Textures (October 1st, 2013) Blood Groove & Kikis
05 Solee - Jonaly (Norman Zube Remix) - Play My Track Recordings
Deep Impact (September 3rd, 2013) Jelly For The Babies
05 Debizzo - I am music (Nicolas Masseyeff vocal remix) - Play my track records
Edge City: Ciudad Limite (February 28th, 2013) Juan Zamanillo
09 Daniel Steinberg - Rush Me (Original Mix) - Play My Track Recordings
Balkanians (September 1st, 2012) Luciano Lima
06 Sasha Sonido - Caribbean Bay ( NTFO rmx ) - Play My Track Recordings
Audiovisual (June 17th, 2012) Soundstorm
10 Antonio Piacquadio - Hold Up (Radio Slave Remix) - Play My Track
Adventures in Stereo (June 13th, 2012) Lazersonic & Zak Frost
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Blood Groove & Kikis
Darin Epsilon
Jelly For The Babies
Jondi and Spesh
Juan Zamanillo
Lazersonic & Zak Frost
Luciano Lima
Patrick Yu
Ramiro Filipe
Show Support
Adventures in Stereo
Deep Impact
Edge City: Ciudad Limite
Five Star Sound
Loöq Radio
Open Up
Ready Mix Sessions
Silk Textures
Sunday Night Sleaze

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