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Edge City: Ciudad Limite
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Looq Records

11 Javier Gonzalez & Afrobeat - This is Not Reality (UGLH & Lucio Spain Remix ) - Monza Ibiza Records
Space Opera (September 24th, 2013) UGLH
08 Sunset People & Nima Gorji - Dancer - Monza Ibiza
Adventures in Stereo (June 13th, 2012) Lazersonic & Zak Frost
02 Jose De Divina & Javi Murdok - Gussi - Monza Ibiza
Audiovisual (September 18th, 2011) Rik Moser
01 1 Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo - Que Hacer - Monza Ibiza Records
Electric Generation (August 5th, 2011) Christian Farias & Jon Hash
03 Nima Gorji - Brown Babey (Original Mix) - Monza Ibiza Records
Dot Dot (June 22nd, 2011) Joel Armstrong
11 Jose De Divina, javi Murdok - Gussi (Javier Gonzalez & Evan Burke Remix) - Monza Ibiza Records
The Feel Sessions (May 12th, 2011) Chad Stolarick aka FunkyBadChad
09 Jose De Divina & Javi Murdok - Gussi(Javier Gonzalez & evan Burke Remix) - Monza ibiza records
Aurium (April 14th, 2011) Greg Benz
07 Paul Cart & Manu - L - Monza ibiza records
Transitions (February 4th, 2011) John Digweed

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Chad Stolarick aka FunkyBadChad
Christian Farias & Jon Hash
Greg Benz
Joel Armstrong
John Digweed
Lazersonic & Zak Frost
Rik Moser
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Adventures in Stereo
Dot Dot
Electric Generation
Space Opera
The Feel Sessions

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