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Bedroom Bedlam
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Compost Black Label Sessions
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Defected in the House
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Deep Impact
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The Facts
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Behind The Iron Curtain
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Love is in the air
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Ocean Planet
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Looq Records

07 Space Explorers - Space Theme - Luxaflex
Lucid (October 27th, 2012) Numinous
12 Boris Ross - Piece Of Mind - Luxaflex Recordings
Featured Artist (December 30th, 2009) Ariel Frank
131 Boris Ross - Stop Trying - Luxaflex
White Label Showcase (November 6th, 2009) Andreas Jornvil
10 Mr. G - What Kinda (Mark Henning Remix) - Luxaflex
Pacific Front Sessions (June 17th, 2009) Dub Gnostic
10 Space Explorers - Space Theme - Luxaflex
Blueprint (November 24th, 2007) Numinous
12 Ali Kuru - Dourthe - Luxaflex
Popscure (November 11th, 2007) Convert
10 Ali Kuru - Cyanide - Luxaflex
Popscure (November 11th, 2007) Convert
02 Mr. G - What Kinda - Mark Henning Remix - Luxaflex
The Download (August 28th, 2007) DJ Foxx
01 Boris Ross - Fusion (Mark Henning Remix) - Luxaflex
Particles (March 25th, 2007) Seth Parsons
10 Adam Craft - Tricker - Luxaflex
Global Scum Show (January 5th, 2007) DJ T
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