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12 Mass Prod - Sunset (Livio & Roby Remix) - Fumalab
34Bpm (June 2nd, 2009) Kaan Duzarat
05 Mass Prod - Sunset (MIA Rmx) - Fumalab
Blueprint (May 23rd, 2009) Numinous
06 Mass Prod. - Sunset (Livio & Roby Remix) - Fumalab
BluFin (March 25th, 2009) Pierce
58 Rokit-F!! - Alicante - Fumalab
der Schall (March 14th, 2009) Fernanda Daz a.k.a. Rokit-F!!
11 Fumalab - Work in Progress ( Livio & Roby Rmx) - Fumalab 003
Citrus (January 25th, 2009) Kicca
01 somiya - ripple - fumalab
3 Beat Records (June 22nd, 2007) Alican & Soner
01 Autotune - Influensa Track One - fumalab
Up Front Sounds (April 6th, 2007) Andres Dyer
07 Autotune - B2 - Fumalab
Sunday Night Sleaze (March 18th, 2007) Stian Klo
07 Autotune - B2 - Fumalab
The Dumb Recordings Show (March 12th, 2007) Stian Klo

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Stian Klo
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3 Beat Records
der Schall
Sunday Night Sleaze
The Dumb Recordings Show
Up Front Sounds

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