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23 Franco Bianco - En Lo Profundo (Cari Lekebusch Rmx) - Dilek
Field Trip (November 13th, 2014) Chris Fortier
17 Jose Wated - Satisfy My Soul Feat. Encebolladoman (Nadja Lind Remix) - Dilek Records
Darkroom Dubs (March 7th, 2013) Nadja Lind
26 (secret) - (secret) (Nadja Lind Rmx) - Dilek Rec. (12" soon)
Darkroom Dubs (October 4th, 2012) Nadja Lind
08 Marquez Ill - Lmly (Tigerskin Remix) - Dilek
Mind Burst (June 28th, 2012) Trim The Fat
12 Mike Wall - She Comes (Alexi Delano Remix) - Dilek Records
Lucid (June 25th, 2011) Numinous & Seraphim
08 Liydo - Quinchos (Abe Duque Remix) - Dilek
Sunday Night Sleaze (October 17th, 2010) Chloe Harris
08 Liydo - Quinchos (Abe Duque Remix) - Dilek
Further (October 14th, 2010) Chloe Harris
10 Mark Henning - Haunt Me - Dilek
New Groove (September 19th, 2010) Dave Mothersole
08 Junior Lopez - In To The Key - Dilek
New Groove (September 19th, 2010) Dave Mothersole
05 Nooncat - KS?N - Dilek
New Groove (April 4th, 2010) Dave Mothersole
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Darkroom Dubs
Field Trip
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