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L8 Night Mix

With new energy and a refreshed sound, the L8 Night Mix is going deeper... It seems that fashions come and go, but the late-night-party-feel that we like to vibe to, remains constant ... and once again future trends are first experienced here, late at night.

Tune in to the marathon sets by ViLLO (Balance) that include everything that is wicked, rumbling and energetic within contemporary electronic dance music. Always at the lead, and never pulling punches, the L8 Night Mix presents you with unexpected sonic combinations that will leave you out of breath and out of your head. Tune In... and dance, have sex to it, or both; remember that The L8 Night Mix is fit for ALL your after-hours pleasures.

On May 23rd, 2008...

As one of the DJs behind the Balance Record Pool, and with over a decade and a half playing clubs, afterhours and beautiful outside locations, when Villo is at the wheels of steel you will be engulfed by his sound, and delighted by the energy this man projects. (read more)

Chris Domingo
Founder of db Records, Breaks Collective Records, Loveclub, Domingo Brothers, and Chakra Blue.One of the original old school dj’s from Orlando. Playing land mark clubs like The Abyss, Firestone, Infinity, Outer Limits, Fl. Theater and UV. Spinning as well as producing records in Orlando for over a decade. Originally from San Francisco Chris Domingo got an early start DJ’ing in 1986. He then landed an assistant engineering job in 1990. That’s when Chris met Raul “DJ EXF” Recinos whom he (read more)

Chris Cargo
Chris Cargo, began his career ten years ago, Djing pure House music to a loyal following at The Venue, Thompsons Garage and The Network in his hometown of Belfast to rapturous responses. His aptly named Sleuth night, a monthly event in Belfast it attracted the worlds finest dj/producers from the Prog scene running for 4 successful years until its demise in 2001.

All styles of House Music find there way into Chris' sets- from Deep Murky House to tough Tribal Beats! Described as 'perfec (read more)

Part 1: Villo - Live in the mix

Part 2: Chris Domingo - L8 Night Sessions
Mikobene - Fusion Triptik
Audio Nova - Motion Triptik
Roar & Baumgartner - The Beat_josh Nordlander Mix ????
Arminvanbuuren.feat.susana - If_you_should_go
Beautiful - Micheal Gray

Part 3: Chris Cargo - L8 Night Sessions

L8 Night Mix
This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Villo

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