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Evocative is hosted by Eve Falcon and features mixes that pulse, throb, twist, turn and dare to tell a story. Genres don’t matter, it’s the journey that does. Eve’s track selections are inspired anywhere from current and established artists to deep in the underground... from a rediscovered gem in the treasure trove to an under-the-radar producer. All tracks are fair game for Eve. What you can expect to hear is the most forward-thinking, upfront music from around the globe blended in an intelligent and thoughtful way. Enjoy the evocative sounds!

On April 12th, 2016...

Eve Falcon
Eve Falcon's expert curation of fine music is the natural culmination of a lifetime of experience in the industry. Born into a family of professional musicians and firmly established as a respected DJ in clubs, at festivals, and on terrestrial and internet radio worldwide, her meticulous programming and prodigal style has placed her on the decks across North and South America alongside dance music luminaries including Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman and Nick Warren.In the production arena, Eve has (read more)

The most accomplished Dj's are always mindful of the atmosphere surrounding them with anticipation and reading the vibe of their audience. The trait of these gifted one%u2019s is that they effortlessly paint a chef-d'oeuvre every night with energy and in synergy with their audience. Using decks, samplers, skill and spectrum frequencies as color, these artists go along and surfing the deep dark melodic frequency palette like a bird riding the wind. It is precisely for this skill that Subandrio ha (read more)

Part 1: Eve Falcon - Evocative 030
One Million Toys - Soy Latte Please (Lipolymer Remix)
Ewan Rill & Casper - Back To The Roots
Jelly For The Babies & Mou - Aragvi ( Mou Reconstruction)
Madloch , Eze Ramirez & Ale Russo - Forward Thinking (John Cosani & Ale Russo Mix)
Lanvary - Slingshot Ride
Gmj - Fathoms (East Café Remix)
Nicolas Petracca - Rosario (Ewan Rill Mix)
Tim Penner - Ride Till Dawn (Marcelo Paladini Mix)
Nick Lewis - Drift (Sean Mcclellen Mix)
Dmitry Molosh - Heavy Machine

Part 2: Subandrio
Vlada D’shake - Public Secret (Praveen Achary Remix)
Lom - Aline (Original Mix)
Christ Burstein - Krümel (Nikko.z Remix)
Valentino - Flying (Cid Inc. Remix)
Paul Deep - Eternal Wait (Subandrio Remix)
Christopher Hermann - Emerald Queen (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Subandrio - Timecode (Original Mix)
Id - Id (Subandrio 'global Mission' Remix)
Marcelo Paladini - Rules Of Movement (Original Mix)

New episodes every 2nd Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Eve Falcon

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

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East Cafe (2016-04-07) P ... by protonradio.

Tim Penner (2016-04-29) ... by protonradio.

Chloe Fontaine (2016-04- ... by protonradio.

Sam Divine (2016-04-29) ... by protonradio.

Sebastian Busto (2016-04 ... by protonradio.

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