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Tenampa Showcase

Tenampa Showcase is a monthly mix show hosted by Tenampa co-founder & label manager Gabriel I. Every month we provide with quality underground music by label artists and invited guests.

Tenampa Recordings aims at elevating the current status of dance music being created in Mexico and put the current ever growing talent of young and innovative producers in the forefront of international music scene.

On August 16th, 2016...

Chris Fortier
While many people may claim to know Chris’ sound, with their focus on continually labeling him one thing or another, Chris is equally as focused on his efforts to push back the musical boundaries. It is testament to the man that he continues to develop his sound and musical direction, after all, as the man says himself “I just like to play good underground music, I don’t limit myself.”

It is artists such as Chris Fortier who are inextricably linked to the underground dance music (read more)

Part 1: Chris Fortier - Kompression-New Orleans (July 30 06)
Brian Cid - Hidden (Nico Stojan Remix)
Dka & Fab Ft. Elenita - El Tango Del Flore (Sokool Remix)
Dizharmonia - Emmanuel (Instrumental Version)
Mius - Strobe And Noise (The Black 80s Remix)
Chaim - Members (Shahar & Motum Remix)
Audiostorm - Imagination Speak
Arno E Mathieu - Ginger & Lemon
Monotique - Surrender (Shft Remix)
Nick Devon - Pallas Feat. Miroir
Atapy - Redub (Malbetrieb Edition)
Sis - Habla Con Ella (Dop Uptown Remix)

Tenampa Showcase
New episodes every 3rd Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Gabriel I

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