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There are no house rules in Head Space. It's a place for pushing the envelope, feeling synth lines and exploring the vast, varied landscapes of Electro. Chris Roman (214) brings future funk for feelers and thinkers that like their get-down done differently --- a show with your mind in mind.

On October 12th, 2010...

To sit at a table set with the sounds of TwoFourteen is to be served Hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down.Like most musicians, Chris Roman's path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.

His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he's pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comf (read more)

Part 1: 214 - Snot Nose Head Cold
Pariah - The Slump
Digital Jacq Greg Campbell - Deep Inside (J.phlip Remix)
Guidewire - Techno Took My Soul (Aj Orbit Remix)
Mekka - Night Runner
Global Surveyor Feat K1 & Gab Gato - Global Surveyor (The Exaltics Close Down Mix)
214 - Strackted
Ruxpin - I Saw Her Standing There

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: 214

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