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Thoughtless Transmissions

Thoughtless Music is a Canadian imprint run by Noah Pred focused on emerging sounds in global tech-house, minimal and techno. Ranging from deep atmospheric explorations to fully energized peak-time excursions, Thoughtless Music exists in a continuum of tight production, emotional resonance and infectious groove.

These Transmissions are our opportunity to showcase artists in our continuously expanding roster - alongside regular mixes from label DJs Noah Pred and Zaid Edghaim.

For more information, please visit our website:

On April 3rd, 2014...

Pointbender is the solo project of Grey (Guidance/Fair Park/MVM) music member and Harmonious Discord label founder Sean Anderson. In 2000, Sean began producing tracks with Eric Reeves under the “Grey” moniker. In 2002, Grey released their first project on the highly acclaimed label “Guidance”– a release that was featured on Miami CSI, MTV’s Road Rules and the Real World. In the following years Grey would become a back pocket name for Dj’s in the know and the team would produce mult (read more)

Henry Chow
Henry Chow's productions lie at the musical intersection of a fine souffle and the most thorough enhanced TSA security groping. Always known for timeless funky bass lines and outer space melodies, Henry started the DJ voyage in 1996.

With his b-boy roots, his music interests started with hip hop, funk, and rare grooves, and expanded to include house, drum 'n bass, and eventually techno. He began buying techno music for Chemistry Records, where record store employee Tim Xavier would sneak (read more)

Part 1: PointBender - TLTM063.1 live @ SXSW
Dauwd - And (Nick Höppner Remix)
Frank Hellmond - Five Days (Baumfreund Five Chicks On Five Days Remix)
Marco Madia - Quantum Chaos
Alicia Keys - Falling (Deepchild Remix)
Funk Lab - Bright Lights (Jdn Remix)
Jdn - Night Groove (Bluetech Remix)
Mr. Mahaj And The Bird Hunter - This Freak (Dance Spirit's Flashback Remix)

Part 2: Henry Chow - TLTM063.2 live @ SXSW

Thoughtless Transmissions
New episodes every 1st Thursday at 10:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Noah Pred

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

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Henry Chow (2014-04-03) ... by protonradio.

PointBender (2014-04-03) ... by protonradio.

Simon Beeston (2014-03-0 ... by protonradio.

Signal Deluxe (2014-03-0 ... by protonradio.

Danielle Nicole (2014-02 ... by protonradio.

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