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Nothing But Techno

Sometimes dark and driving... Sometimes deep and minimalistic. It's the essential monthly for Techno fans, focusing on quality techno & all it's expansions.

Hosted by alkeme

On April 22nd, 2016...

Sam Proton
2001 was a pivotal moment in the dance music world. More and more bedroom DJs were popping up, and with the advancement of technology, anyone could create music. It was at this time that Sam Packer, along with two other music enthusiasts, created The Proton Project: an experiment with the purpose of exposing little or unknown talent to the masses. Their intent was to inform people that there was much more going on in the electronic music scene other than the big name DJs who were playing at the (read more)

John Templeton
An uncompromising selector and accomplished technician behind the decks, Templeton has poured his energy into building up the Denver techno scene since relocating to Colorado over a decade ago. Via endeavors such as the Would Shop, Emote Music and, of course, the Great American Techno Festival, he has left an indelible mark on this city's musical landscape.


RA Exchange:

ht (read more)

Part 1: Sam Proton
Heavenchord - Dandelion Field
Nordpol - Untitled 707307
Substak & Shebuzzz - In A Sea (Matthias Springer Remix)
Donato Wharton - Absentia (Frank & Tony Breakaway Edit)

Part 2: John Templeton

Nothing But Techno
New episodes every 4th Friday at 12:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: alkeme

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Bon Spengler (2016-01-22 ... by protonradio.

Joe Dismal (2016-01-22) ... by protonradio.

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