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The Soma Sessions are brought to you by Scottish techno leaders Soma Records. Slam duo Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle head a family of artists at the label that include Silicone Soul, Alex Smoke, Funk D'Void, Vector Lovers, Hystereo, My Robot Friend, Octogen and Let’s Go Outside. These artists provide the backbone of Proton Radio’s Soma Sessions, delivering the best new techno from the label and beyond.

On July 30th, 2015...

Slam have played all around the world, championing UK underground electronic music, whilst always living and working in their home base of Glasgow; where they helped to develop and influence one of the best music and party cities anywhere.

Ask any of the bands and DJs who have performed at their monthly Pressure parties. People like Vitalic, Luciano, Beyer, Villalobos, Mills, Hawtin, Green Velvet and Weatherall all
cite the city and the club as being amongst their favorite gigs in any (read more)

Part 1: Slam - Slam Radio 147 with Aleksi Perala
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1514070
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1514080
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1513110
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1512120
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1512100
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1513090
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1405016
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1406020
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1513080
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1408054
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1514190
Aleksi Perala - Uk74r1514200

Slam Radio
New episodes every Thursday at 5:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Soma Records

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Slam (2015-07-30) Part 1 ... by protonradio.

Slam (2015-07-23) Part 1 ... by protonradio.

Slam (2015-07-16) Part 1 ... by protonradio.

Slam (2015-07-09) Part 1 ... by protonradio.

Slam (2015-07-02) Part 1 ... by protonradio.

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