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Bedroom Bedlam

Bedroom Bedlam is a friendly variety show always searching for mixes to stream on Proton Radio. Privileged to support mixing talent and promote the underground scene in the community, the weekly 3 hour spot thrives solely on hand picked mixes sent in from passionate DJ/Producers around the globe.

So with a bit of nostalgia comes the name Bedroom Bedlam, formerly the annual underexposed DJ contest put forth by the now defunct and out of print Muzik Magazine. The competition exposed the likes of Steve Gerrard and James Zabiela.

You can discover brand new mixes and sounds every Friday - 9PM PST, 11PM CST // Saturday 12AM EST, 5AM GMT ... Featuring the best and brightest mixes that our inbox receives.

Submit to the show and toss your hat into the ring, contact **Bedroom Bedlam is not genre specific, but the freshest sounds are highly encouraged **

On October 1st, 2016...

Alex Flower
Alex aka Alex Flower started his career as as DJ for the love of eletronic music, and soon realised that this is more than an attraction, is what he wants to do in future.

He is more drawn into styles as deep/tech house/ tribal which he combines in sets appreciated by public.

His artist influences come from big artists as: Luciano, Arpiar, Marco Carola, Magda, Hector Coutu, Richie Hawtin, Rosario Internullo, Sis, Super Flu, Dubphone, Optick, Reboot, Cesar Merveille, Mendo, Nima (read more)

Chris Balantanis
Ioannina Greece

I play music for about 20 years starting with vinyls of course... until the current days with the todas standard equipment CDJs, Controllers and occasionally MK2s. 15 years of the 20 I work as professional DJ Cresident or guest to several cluss Bars of my city and not only. (read more)

Bachir Salloum
Bachir Salloum, a native of Beirut and its outskirts, was first hypnotized by music at the tender age of 13 when his older brother introduced him to vinyl-and thus it began%u2026his love and affinity for music grew as he started mixing and DJ%u2019ing at 16. He is known for his electronic music with a progressive feel that mixes tech and house music. This artist%u2019s music is difficult to put into words but one can say his beats clasp with a billowing vibe that journeys through something of a (read more)

Part 1: Alex Flower - Alex Flower - Proton Radio Bedroom Bedlam 10-01-2016

Part 2: Chris Balantanis - Chris Balantanis - Proton Radio Bedroom Bedlam 10-01-2016
Mariano Favre - Essence Of Light (Original Mix)
Dave Martins - Deep Fly (Original Mix)
Ben Teufel - Window (Original Mix)
Xexu Lopez - Just Be Good To Me (Remix)
Alec Troniq - Okay Alghit (Original Mix)
Matchy & Bott - Mindfugged (Original Mix)
Deeplomatik - Drum Creation (Original Mix)
Joshua Puerta - Allways On Question (Guti Legatto Remix)
Julyan Dubson - Make A Thing (Dub)
Riven - Error (Original Mix)
Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur - Temporary Sanity (Cornucopia Remix)

Part 3: Bachir Salloum - Bachir Salloum - Proton Radio Bedroom Bedlam 10-01-2016
Azamat - Another Man (Original Mix)
Tagir Sadyrbaev, Alexey Orlov - Castaneda (Original Mix)
Brian Cid - Hidden (Nico Stojan Remix)
Brian Cid - Costa Verde (Original Mix)
Guy Mantzur, Roy Rosenfeld - Systematika (Original Mix)
Hair Band Drop Out - A Nod 2 Wink (James Gill Remix)
Anton Make - Tell Me (Ewan Rill Remix)
Lee Van Dowski - Elle (Original Mix)
Anton Dhouran, Sonderzug - Marla (Original Mix)
Amirali - Chromatic Dreams (Original Mix)

Bedroom Bedlam
New episodes every Saturday at 12:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Bon Spengler

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

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Anima Sapiens (2016-08-0 ... by protonradio.

Andrew Sinnik (2016-07-2 ... by protonradio.

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