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Edge City: Ciudad Limite

Edge City is Proton Radio's first show to come out of Mexico (Ciudad Juarez, to nail it down). Hosted by Jesus Parada (Josta), Edge City targets to thrive in the bracket between NorthAmerican and LatinAmerican electronic music markets, featuring special guests from both sides of the frontier and ocassionaly, why not, anywhere else in the world.

The monthly show aims to hand-on exposure to up and coming electronic performers from south of the border, focusing on the best and newest material from both dj's and producers. Expect a wide range of fresh sounds; Wether it's techy clicks&cuts or electro-ish progressive house, Edge City will deliver the goods.

On August 25th, 2016...

Seconds (MX)
Desde el corazón de la Ciudad de México, María Letona AKA María la del Radio e Iván López-Aréchiga AKA Soundspace crean música electrónica para cuerpo y alma detrás de su alias Seconds.

Con varios lanzamientos entre los cuales se encuentran el disco Music In Seconds , los EP’s Nightlife, y Tu Tienes, y varios sencillos como Luces De Neón o Estás Aquí, Seconds ha sabido ganarse un lugar en el mundo de la noche citadina. Gracias a ello se han convertido en un acto recurrente (read more)

Fernando Duthoy
His preference towards electronic music began when he was 14 years old, from there it starts his constant updating musical career.
It was in 2011 when he made official his Dj career that had been in constant growth and he has become one of the underground artists that people is starting to have a big interest in it.
Fernando’s love for underground electronic music has seen him explore many variations of the scene, discovering new ideas, and evolving into new concepts. His penchant for de (read more)

Part 1: Seconds (MX) - XX EDC Mixtape 2016

Part 2: Fernando Duthoy - Edge City Mix 2016

Edge City: Ciudad Limite
New episodes every 4th Thursday at 10:00 PM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Jesus Parada

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

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