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Darker Shades

Delve into the darker side of dance music with the part-time DJ/Production duo Naveen G (a.k.a. Samsara) and Pat Foosheen. Once a month, Darker Shades will feature deep excursions towards the far borders of electronic music. Pat and Naveen’s sets will traverse the spectrum from minimal to melodic, from abstract to peaktime, all the while maintaining the dark edge that is their trademark.

On July 2nd, 2015...

Ron Gabriel
Ron Gabriel hails from Pittsburgh, PA, and grew up with a strong connection with music, having access to his mom's record player and extensive record collection. Music was constant in his household, being exposed to eclectic musical Genres from Classical, Ethnic Folk, Jazz, Rock, Funk and Soul. He quickly developed an affinity for Electronic music and Hip Hop, and by the 90s, he was introduced to House music and Drum and Bass, and decided to work with turntables. He began Djing in the Local Pitt (read more)

Pat Foosheen
PAT FOOSHEEN starting Djing and producing in 1997 in the birthplace of House Music, Chicago, IL, USA. His first production work began via collaborations with Chicago's DJ Yoshi and the house/techno pioneers Alvin Carr, Lester Fitzpatrick, and Robert Armani. In 1998, they put together an EP released on the Belgian Label Modular Recordings which included four tracks ranging from hard techno and Chicago house to tech-house.

Subsequently, Pat Foosheen put together his first solo 4-track demo (read more)

Part 1: Ron Gabriel - Art is Ignorant

Part 2: Pat Foosheen

Darker Shades
New episodes every 1st Thursday at 12:00 PM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Naveen G.

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

Looking for an older mix? Use the set browser to the left or select past broadcasts to view guest info and tracklists!

Pat Foosheen (2015-07-02 ... by protonradio.

Ron Gabriel (2015-07-02) ... by protonradio.

Naveen G. (2015-06-04) P ... by protonradio.

Naveen G. (2015-05-07) P ... by protonradio.

Pat Foosheen (2015-05-07 ... by protonradio.

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