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Warm Art

The Art Of The Warm Up.

Warm Art has been a staple on Proton Radio for 12 years now. What started out in 2002 between Trey Smith, Earth Deuley, Wes McGee and Rob Dowell has taken different directions, but the idea remains the same: bring attention to the opening act.

We are the guys behind the guy, the set-up artists, and the ones who create the vibe on any given night by opening up to an often empty room. The mixes you hear for our show are representative of that. In addition you will occasionally hear something entirely off the beaten path.

With a pool of 6 regular contributors and various guests, we are sure to bring something fresh to you on a monthly basis.

On June 3rd, 2015...

Rob Dowell
One of the founding fathers of Warm Art, Rob has been a familiar name to Proton Radio since 2002. A native Floridian now living in Atlanta, few can match the range of styles he has exhibited in his 15 years of mixing music.

With an artist album released on Lobotomy Records (The Creative Itch, 2007) and recent remixes for Emote Music and Text Book Music, Rob continues to work in the studio while being heavily involved in Atlanta's thriving scene. With opening sets for talent such as Steve (read more)

Joey Webb
Seattle, WA, USA

HouseMen SF, RealCityRadioUK

Recognized in San Francisco as a formative creator of the socially popular and musically talented Housemen collective, Joey Webb is among the elite handful of people that seem inadvertently destined to weave a foundry of eclectic sounds that will appeal to the

Discriminating, he was raised with a foundation for soul music when his father opened a local record store in 1965. From this Joey took an enamored stance on
read more)

Part 1: Joey Webb - Guest Mix June 2015
Creestal - Negrinho
Afta - 1 The Facts
Slakah The Beatchild - Byram%u2019s Groove
De La Soul - Stakes Is High
Hocus Pocus Feat. Magic Malik - Quitte A T%u2019aimer
Beck - Hollywood Freaks
Time Machine - Time%u2019s Fly
Camp Lo - Sunglasses
Freddie Joachim - That%u2019s Life
Diggable Planets - Black Ego
Dj Day - Partir
Readymade - Transcontinental
Dj Krush - Fu Yu

Part 2: Rob Dowell - undrskor three mix two

Warm Art
New episodes every 1st Wednesday at 9:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Rob Dowell

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

Looking for an older mix? Use the set browser to the left or select past broadcasts to view guest info and tracklists!

Rob Dowell (2015-06-03) ... by protonradio.

Joey Webb (2015-06-03) P ... by protonradio.

Warm Art (2015-05-06) Pa ... by protonradio.

Justin Brady (2015-04-01 ... by protonradio.

Justin Brady (2015-04-01 ... by protonradio.

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