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Qoöl features sets from resident DJs and guests at the world famous Qoöl Happy Hour parties held every Wednesday in San Francisco and Seattle. At 14 years and counting, Qoöl is the longest continuously running weekly electronic dance music event in San Francisco, a city that has seen its share of legendary parties since the days of disco. Every week at Qoöl short (45 minute!) sets are spun in front fiercely loyal clubbers who come come from all walks of life and transform this unique weekly into something special. As we like to say, Qoöl is you!

On November 18th, 2009...

Spesh (né Stephen Kay) has three claims to fame. ONE, he is half of the world renowned production team Jondi and Spesh. TWO, he founded San Francisco's longest running electronic music event, Qoöl (possibly the city's most popular clubbing night, ever). And THREE, he maintains a large fan base of insanely dedicated clubbers who connect with his totally enthralling, off-the-beaten-path style of DJing.

In the global dance music community, Spesh is best known as half of Jondi and Spesh, (read more)

Part 1: Spesh - Spesh Live November 2009
Rysh Paprota - Talk Me To Skeep
Sarp Yilmaz - Redlines - Original Mix
Chris Drifter - Andrea - Darko De Jan Remix
Groove D'vision - La Playa - Ned Hobbs Remix
Main Element Feat. Kyla - Take Me Down - Issac Remix
Giash - Kleinarl - Original Mix
Fabian Argomendo - Playing The Song For Me - Original Mix
8 Ball - Oydyssey To Anyoona - Dub Mix
Stefano Franc - Hallee - Dma Remix
Watchmen - Twitter - Version 2
Andy Newland & Osicton - Cloud Ears - Frederico Epis Remix
Paronator - Breeze - Interplay Remix

Part 2: Spesh - Spesh Classic Mix - Openning for Lee B - 2006

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: The Qool Happy Hour

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Spesh (2009-09-16) Part ... by protonradio.

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