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Bed and Breakfast

You don't need no sleep. You don't need no remedies. There is someone to bring you a tray with smooth vibrations of sound to enhance your visions, while you're out for the count, but your feet are still stepping to the beat and electronic waves travel through your membrane to revive your soul.

The bacon is cooking, but the only thing that is smoking is the fiery sounds of electronic grooves. Check this out, hosted by Out To Lunch.

Out To Lunch
live @ Kiwi Club, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Bed and Breakfast
Dec 10th 2009
Tech House
Latenta Project
guest mix for B&B
Bed and Breakfast
Dec 10th 2009
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On December 10th, 2009...

Out To Lunch
Throughout many years in the music industry, Dj Duo's have been defined as a unique double taste of music engaging a sensational sound enquiry for listeners. At the tender age of 17, Jokubas and Kasparas known as Out To Lunch, fully... (read more)

Latenta Project
Born into the information age, when everything is a mouse click away has made life for everyone much easier. The internet can bring you information only expensive text books use to, it can make the average joe famous over night, and it can... (read more)

Part 1: Out To Lunch - live @ Kiwi Club, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Unknown - Untitled
Rebecca Pidgeon - Learn To Pray (Charles Webster Dub)
Roland Clark - Black In My Soul (Remix)
05 & Ynk - Capetown River Boating
Michel Cleis Feat Toto La Momposina - La Mezcla Copyright Main Mix
Unknown - Untitled
Unknown - Untitled
Damian Strong - Loveshop

Part 2: Latenta Project - guest mix for B&B
Jay Shepheard - Arrowhead County (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
Dzeta N Basile - Above (Silicone Soul's Hypnohouse Dub)
Agf Delay - Connection (Kiki's Long Version Mix)
Jay West - Funny People (Ronan Portela Remix)
Alex Dolby & Giorgio Roma - Like Tears From A Star
D'nell - Made Me (Shur-i

Bed and Breakfast
This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Out To Lunch

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