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Audio Elements

Every second Sunday of the month on Proton Radio (18:00 hrs GMT 1) and every second Tuesday of the month on Dance Tunes Radio (20:00 hrs GMT 1)
Hailing from the dance-reknowned Netherlands, Roger Martinez is a respected DJ/Producer who has worked extensively with and remixed the big boys of the industry.
The title of the show emphasizes Roger's belief in quality electronic genre-crossing music.
,,Music is elements of audio arranged in a way that they are pleasing to the human ear and can affect people on a deeper, emotional level..."
Audio Elements consists of a monthly mix by Roger Martinez himself and a Special Guest Mix by fellow producers and DJ's...

Roger Martinez
Audio Elements May 2011
Audio Elements
May 8th 2011
Horizontal Excursions
Audio Elements May 2011 Special Guest Mix
Audio Elements
May 8th 2011
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On May 8th, 2011...

Roger Martinez
Trance inducing DJ-sets, chart topping dance music productions, sound healing meditations, interdisciplinary art-projects and psychedelically infused workshops. Bridging these apparent worlds apart, they all converge in sound artist Roger... (read more)

Horizontal Excursions
Horizontal Excursions (HE) is an Ambient project by music producer and sound artist Roger Martinez.

This music invites the listener to lie down and be carried away by sound. Martinez musically explores vast sonic worlds that seem to... (read more)

Part 1: Roger Martinez - Audio Elements May 2011
Chris Reece - Headonism (Roger Martinez Re_interpretation)
Roger Martinez - Launch Pad
Id - Id
Roel Salemink - Silenth Noises (Roger Martinez Re_interpretation)
Roger Martinez - House Music
Francesco Pico - Smashes Into The Sky (Roger Martinez Re_interpretation)

Part 2: Horizontal Excursions - Audio Elements May 2011 Special Guest Mix
Id - Id
Id - Id
Id - Id
Horizontal Excursions - Crowded Cities Empty Minds

Audio Elements
This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Roger Martinez

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