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Elevation has proven itself to be one of the most versatile and freshest labels around and one definitely not shy of gliding from the deepest electronic house grooves all the way through to groovy techno when the mood demands it. Sticking to one repetitive sound is boring and thatís one thing Elevation can never be accused of being. Label manager and artist Aruba (Darran Nugent) hosts the show with a difference and takes you on a musical ride into the heart of Elevationís many rhythms and flavours.

The monthly show on Proton will showcase the finest house grooves of the moment with Aruba and regular guests from the label.

Andre Kronert
Elevation tribute Mix
Dec 28th 2010
Tech House
Elevation Xmas
Dec 28th 2010
Tech House
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On December 28th, 2010...

Andre Kronert
One head of Neurotron and force behind the label group Night Drive Music, Andre Kronert was born in 1978 in Germany. Andrť Kronert has been on and off the turntables for over 13 years. His roots go back to school in the year 1994/1995,... (read more)

Tomika... (read more)

Part 1: Andre Kronert - Elevation tribute Mix
Lomez & Ivaylo - Flies (Nuno Dos Santos Remix / Darran Nugent & Pavel Lenchenko Edit)
David Duriez - One Drop Does It (Corrugated Tunnel Remix / Corrugated Tunnel 2010 Edit)
Bubba & T Bone - Modern Romance (Baffa Remix)
Playone - Moccoskin ( & Rampa Remix)
Soul Minority - Retroplex (Carlo Remix)
Pablo Fierro - Mellow Man (Jef K And Gwen Maze Remix)
El Prevost Feat. D.ham & Tina Penni - Days And Times (Daniel Kyo Remix / Zoe Xenia Edit)
Larry Peters - Spanglish (Dahaus Remix)
Rtao Feat. Sherry St. Germain - What We Need Is Now (Samuel Dan Edit)
Elegia - Stay Low (Sasse Edit)

Part 2: Tomika - Elevation Xmas

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Elevation Recordings

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