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Surfers represent a diverse sounds based on riding the naturally occurring process of sound waves. Some people practice surfing as a recreational activity while others demonstrate extreme devotion by making it the central focus of their lives. It's culture represents a lifestyle devoted to freedom and self expression.

Wavesurfing is hosted by Latenta Project (Inox, Dido & Iceberg).

Latenta Project
@ Very Nice Club, Podgorica 10-04-2010
Apr 27th 2010
Apr 27th 2010
Tech House
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On April 27th, 2010...

Latenta Project
Born into the information age, when everything is a mouse click away has made life for everyone much easier. The internet can bring you information only expensive text books use to, it can make the average joe famous over night, and it can... (read more)

Art Patrice
Boss Of Croatia-based label Synthetic Art , Art Patriced has become one of the hottest remixers when it comes to Prog House w/ several remixes on Brown Eyed Boyz Records that have been released or yet to come ...... (read more)

Part 1: Latenta Project - @ Very Nice Club, Podgorica 10-04-2010

Part 2: Art Patrice
Roland Nights - Sepia (Art Patrice Remix)
Yvel, Tristan & Ronson - Chaki (Art Patrice Dub)
Noir - Gangstarr
Mrcenzo - Free (Vas Floyd Freedom Remix)
Santos - Burner King
Michel De Hey & M.i.r.k.o - My Love (Michai Popoviciu Remix)
Fsb - Travolta (Art Patrice Remix)
Stel, Kruse, Nuernberg & Wiretappeur - Colours (Audio Soul Project Remix)

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Latenta Project

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