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Dimensions is the first Central American show on Proton. It is hosted by the Salvadorean Ofo Nunez, a DJ involved in expanding the local scene for more than 6 years now-- striving to make it bigger and better! The mixes presented will encompass upcoming talents from Central America, South America and the World... ranging through the different spectrums of electronic music from glitchy minimal, techno, techhouse and electro. The objective is to take the listeners into dimensions all their own with each mixset that is broadcasted all the while presenting an upcoming or an already established dj/producer in the electronic music scene today! Dimensions will express that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Aug 15th 2009
Aug 15th 2009
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On August 15th, 2009...

Clint Stewart
Somewhere between the warm sun rays and crystal blue waves of a tropical beach and the pulsing sounds and strobe lights of a dark warehouse lies Clint Stewart. An organic embodiment of the ocean since before he could remember, it wasn't... (read more)

Daniel Satta
In 1988 the first wave of 'Acid-House' swapped over from the US/UK to Germany and straightup into Daniels' mind. Still thrilled by EBM (Electronic Body Music, for those who don't know or remember), he was even more flashed by this new kind... (read more)

Part 1: Clint Stewart

Part 2: Daniel Satta

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Ofo Nunez

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Steven Campodonico (2013 ... by protonradio.

Ligia Jimenez (2012-07-2 ... by protonradio.

Rodrigo Quinonez (2012-0 ... by protonradio.

Wthheld (2012-06-16) Par ... by protonradio.

Rodrigo Quinonez (2012-0 ... by protonradio.

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