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der Schall

The evolution of sounds within electronic music has moved at a faster pace than the masses can assimilate. Nevertheless, more people continue to take risks and gamble on new paths.

der Schall captures this, going beyond and creating the beginning of a space in which you will hear new forms that present themselves in today’s dance music.

Sharon Schael
at der Schall - Octubre 2007
der Schall
Oct 9th 2007
Mauro Perotta
at der Schall - Octubre 2007
der Schall
Oct 9th 2007
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On October 9th, 2007...

Sharon Schael
Passionate about music, in its very primal sense, as a little girl she would take apart sound systems, loud speakers and other devices that emitted sound. Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela she was surrounded by a family of artist that... (read more)

Mauro Perotta
From 1970, practically from his birth, the music was part of what was going to be his growth. His uncle, Emi Sara, was one of the best DJ of the moment in (Cordoba) Argentina, up to the military regime of 78 that put an end to the... (read more)

Part 1: Sharon Schael - at der Schall - Octubre 2007

Part 2: Mauro Perotta - at der Schall - Octubre 2007
Ripperton - A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City
Iñaqui Marin - El Diario De Frank Fontaine (Maurice Aymard Sants Estacion Rmx)
Audiofly - Cold Light Of Day
Butch - Life Is Deadly (Christian Phoenix Rmx)
Llar & Hedvall - Rush Hour Rumble
Dejan Milicevic - Sort Of A Flower
Maetrix - Maetrix Assembly

der Schall
New episodes every 1st Monday at 8:00 PM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Sharon Schael

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Sharon Schael (2016-04-0 ... by protonradio.

Pablo Denegri (2016-04-0 ... by protonradio.

Sharon Schael (2016-03-0 ... by protonradio.

Sharon Schael (2016-03-0 ... by protonradio.

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