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Sequence is a show which attempts to showcase top talent from around the globe. I will be doing the first hour, and the remaining two hours will be the guest artists. Live sets, club nights, and studio mixes will be brought to the table here, and any feedback/comments are always welcome. Drop a line to if you like and enjoy the show.

Glenn Morrison
Live at Deluxe in Campinas, Brazil
Oct 11th 2007
Oct 11th 2007
Claudio Brio
Not Too Low
Oct 11th 2007
Tech House
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On October 11th, 2007...

Glenn Morrison
Glenn Morrison is used to living a life of superlatives quite how he finds time to be one of lifes overachievers remains a mystery to those who know him. Whether its as a producer, remixer or label owner he seems to achieve in 24 hours... (read more)

Flow and Zeo
Flow and Zeo began their individual careers in 1999 and have been playing together for seven years. Their set have lots of Minimal, Electro and Techno influence, elements that mixed with their charisma and their precise techniques evolve... (read more)

Claudio Brio
Claudio Brio started in the electronic music as a producer and midi programmer in a techno-pop band in the end of the 80s, by the time that he was graduating in mechanical enginnering school.

After working 9 years as an engineer, in the... (read more)

Part 1: Glenn Morrison - Live at Deluxe in Campinas, Brazil

Part 2: Flow and Zeo

Part 3: Claudio Brio - Not Too Low

This show is currently on hiatus.

Hosted by: Glenn Morrison

Submit feedback & music in the forum or via e-mail.

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Glenn Morrison (2008-11- ... by protonradio.

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