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Tempo and Christopher Sheehy present 'Tempo'... a selection of beats ranging from downbeat to house with one thing in common... pure class. The goal is to expose our listeners to quality tunes, no matter what the subgenre, through live mixes from 'Tempo' party residents, and christopher sheehy, along with special guests. Visit us online at

Christopher Sheehy
Moodsetters Vol 2
Mar 8th 2012
Mar 8th 2012
Tech House
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On March 8th, 2012...

Christopher Sheehy
Beginning in 1998, Chris honed his skills as a bedroom dj in Denver, Colorado where he incorporated the local west coast flavor into his unique style with no limitations on style or genre. Upon moving back to Atlanta in 2001, he and ... (read more)

Part 1: Christopher Sheehy - Moodsetters Vol 2

Part 2: Christopher Sheehy - 4 Emmy

New episodes every 2nd Thursday at 10:00 AM EST and available on demand!

Hosted by: Dj.Inc. & Christopher Sheehy

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