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03/06 Scotty.A, Magitman, Greg Benz know what makes us "Smile"

Scotty.A's glorious melodic offering, "What Makes Us Smile" was originally featured on the standout "Spring Particles 2012" compilation. Since then, the Norfolk based producer from the East of England has had a 2012 to be proud of with his work released on DAR, Balkan Connection and Proton, and licensed to Armada. Supported by the great and good of the DJ world, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren are not the only ones to recognise Scotty's talent; a forthcoming EP for Proton Music looks to further cement his "passion for music and dedication to his craft".

Now, Particles is delighted to announce the full release of "What Makes Us Smile" alongside remix treatments from two iconic figures from Proton history, one marking his debut on the Particles imprint.

Israeli, Igal Magitman has had a huge string of respected and successful releases under his considerably sized belt, since his first works with Brisker hit the digital world in 2006. The duo caused a storm with a ready supply of rhythmic, high-energy tracks that saw releases on Baroque, Plastik Park and a full-length album on Tribal Vision. As long-term friend and contributor, Magitman's solo work also played its part in the Proton Music story in 2012, not least with his remix of Nick Stoynoff's "Brandenburg", original production, "Cleaning Day" and remix of Mobilize's "Partikel" for Particles. With his talent also recognised by the Global Underground, Audiotherapy and Renaissance imprints, Magitman now marks his second Particles outing with a trademark rip-roaring, rhythmic master class. A generous serving of house rhythms, tuned percussion loops, and sustained pads and are expertly combined with a breakdown that subtly brings in elements from Scotty.A's original work, before returning to full rhythmic force. This is an interpretation steeped in Magitman's very own production philosophy.

From production central in the Canadian province of 'Auriumland', Greg Benz needs no introduction to those following the output of one of Northern America's finest progressive exponents in the shape of his collaborative efforts with Marco Di Carlo under their Benz & MD moniker. With some 250 production credits to their name for the like of Lost Language, Armada, Hope and their own Aurium imprint, the duo's work for Proton since 2007's "Signals" has always been first-class. In his solo work, Greg Benz has always had strong support in both the production and DJ world, sharing the airwaves with John Digweed on his former KISS FM show on UK radio. "Kickdrums and Ex-Girlfriends" provided a welcome debut for Greg's solo ventures on Proton Music in 2012, but as long-standing host of the Aurium show on Proton Radio since 2004, and 100 episodes to his name, Greg is certainly no stranger to the Proton airwaves. Marking his Particles debut, Benz brings his considerable skill set to "What Makes Us Smile", making full use of Scotty A's distinctive sound by reinterpreting the melodic elements with wonderful sensitivity and expertise. Greg's progressive passions are in full effect as the track rises and falls in intensity with effortless ease, combined with rhythms that will have dance floors full of joy unbounded.

Two icons from the Proton past, present and future certainly know, "What Makes Us Smile".

01 Original Mix
02 Magitman Remix
03 Greg Benz 'Cyber' Mix

HERNAN CATTANEO - "Very good."
TVARDOVSKY - "Original mix is awesome!"
INKFISH - "Greg Benz mix great."
VERVE - "Synth work is ace!"
dPEN - "In my chart for March. Lovely."
MIKE GRIEGO - "Scotty always delivers."

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Marina Gerardi
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Designed by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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03/06 Scotty.A, Magitman, Greg Benz know what makes us "Smile"
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