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03/07 "This Old Town" with Sumsuch, The Disclosure Project, and Greenville Massive

Will Sumsuch is no stranger to success in the upper echelons of electronic dance music with his work signed to some of the finest imprints including, Urban Torque, Etoka and Ricky Ryan's Sick Watona. His recent remix of Dapple Apple's "Street Market in London" for Apollo was a notable highlight for Apollo in 2012 and his blog and review site "Youandthemusic" a beacon of light in the diminishing world of music written word.

Now, Sumsuch turns himself to matters of greater significance with the re-release of "This Old Town", originally part of the Spring 2012 Skylab compilation. Having tragically lost a childhood friend to an accidental drug overdose, Will has decided to revisit "This Old Town" with its poignant lyrics of hope and friendship in desperate times from Matty Eales. Two further remixes from The Disclosure Project and Greenville Massive are also included along with Sumsuch's own instrumental. More importantly, all involved in the project be they artists, remixers, designers or engineers, have given their time and energies free of charge so that all proceeds from the sale of the EP can be donated to the charity, "Mind".

The Disclosure Project's pedigree and skill in the genre of deep house is unrivalled, coupled with the business nous to run an impressively successful record label. With a modus operandi based upon "good music" and shunning the transient nature of "fashionable music", the duo's work for Apollo in 2012 has seen them release, "The Clever Named EP" in February 2012 and which spawned a sequel in the form of a "Clever Named Remix" EP in November. Turning their attention to "This Old Town", The Disclosure Project set up their remix by providing a perfect layer of understated beats and rhythmic chord stabs on which Matty Eales beautiful vocals can sit and take centre stage. This is deep house with a difference from a production duo that clearly knows their craft.

Danish duo Greenville Massive have been regular 'deep' and 'tech house' contributors to a number of labels, not least in their work for Tenth Circle, homeland label, Soul Sheep and their track "Autumn" signed to mighty 'Defected In The House'. Greenville Massive have already proved adept at entwining vocal elements to their music with their impressive "The Suburbs" EP and their remix of Sumsuch's "This Old Town" is addressed with similar adroitness. A bed of beats and percussion is laid down and this, combined with beautifully meandering, free-form melodies, form the foundation for a filtered, tape-delayed vocal element from the original to wend its way hypnotically across the six minute piece with effortless ease.

With the charity "Mind" at the forefront of contributors' thoughts, Sumsuch's "This Old Town" is a fitting tribute to the premature passing of a sadly missed friend.

01 Original Mix
02 The Disclosure Project Remix
03 Greenville Massive Remix
04 Instrumental Remix

STEVE MILL - "Beautiful Disclosure Project remix."
Q-BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE - "I'm quite digging the lush Greenville Massive remix."

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Marina Gerardi
Masters by Cid Inc. and Sumsuch
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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