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02/26 PQM, Tim Penner remix Apologist's "Natural Instinct"

First collaborating with AngelFreq on the track, "Back To Love" in 2009, Apologist has been a regular contributor to Proton Music over the last three years. With releases of the calibre of "Violator", the "Sin Luna" EP and remixes from the likes of Lank, Bambook and Arthur Deep, the Italian duo of Matteo Bruscagin and Sam Perez have been flying high in recent years.

"Voices From Japan" forms part of this impressive portfolio of Proton work, while simultaneously illustrating exceptional artwork from Proton's own creative designer, Ben Mautner. Originally released in July 2011, the rich sounds and tech rhythms caused a stir amongst the music listening cognoscenti. From that EP, "Give Me Your Hands" has already seen a full release with remixes from Estroe and Nikko.Z. And now, as 2013 gets into full swing, Proton is proud to mark the full release of the second track from the EP, "Natural Instinct", with two equally impressive remixes.

Canadian, Tim Penner has spent over a decade "working in electronic music" but his musical vision has truly borne fruit in 2012 with some 25 track productions to his name for some of the finest modern labels including, Replug, Stripped and 99percentrecordings. Tim's unique blend of ideas, 'twisted sounds' and 'manipulated frequencies' is borne out of a passion for "techno, house and trance" and this diverse range of influences is reflected in his remix of Apologist's "Natural Instinct". Crisp beats and rhythmic dynamism interplay across a languid backdrop of melodic layers and pads that create an uplifting aural experience that really is second to none.

PQM (better known as "Quick") is a name familiar to many of those who have followed and chased the progressive sound since the early groundbreaking days in the late 1990s and early 00s. With support from the DJ glitterati of Danny Howells, Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish, PQM has been at the forefront of a genre-defining sound including tracks such as "You Were Sleeping", a timeless rework of Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" and "The Flying Song" which was the 'Ibiza anthem of 2001'. PQM's remix of Apologist in 2009 thus lays the foundation for his return to the Proton fold to remix "Natural Instinct". Quick's 'Deephead' remix is a smorgasbord of complex rhythmic components that drive the track forwards in conjunction with filtered, tape-delayed vocal treatments that cleverly phrase the track title. A wonderfully considered melodic phrasing adds a unique layer of intrigue to proceedings, making PQM's remix a wonderful reminder of a classic genre-defining sound.

The 'Natural Instincts' of Tim Penner and PQM have been fully realised in two classy remixes of Apologist.

01 Natural Instinct (Tim Penner Remix)
02 Natural Instinct (PQM Remix)

JOHN DIGWEED - "PQM mix on this."
HERNAN CATTANEO - "Full support."
DEREK HOWELl - "Great tunes both. PQM the fave."
EELKE KLEIJN - "Tim for me."
EXOPLANET - "Whoa, PQM! Made me rediscover You Are Sleeping!"

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Renee Ugarteche
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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