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02/12 Pablo Acenso captures the Sound of the Sun

From the river port of Parana in the northeast of the country, Argentinean Pablo Acenso began his music production career in 2005, influenced by the sounds of fellow countryman, Hernan Cattaneo as well as UK legends, John Digweed, James Zabiela and Sasha. Since then, Pablo has gone on to forge a meaningful name for himself in the world of EDM across the trio of progressive, tech and deep house genres, for some of the leading labels including, Flow Vinyl, Replug and Stripped. Furthermore, his track "Bread" was licensed to Nick Warren's landmark Balance 018 compilation in May 2011. Finding his work now supported and played by the DJs he followed at the outset of his career, Pablo's rise to the upper echelons of the EDM hierarchy is richly deserved.

2011's deep and dark remix of Alessandro Diga's "Avondrood" marked Pablo Acenso's successful solo debut on Particles, while his haunting and melodic remix of "Brite Nite" - for the Colourblock "Sky and Fiction Remixed" album in October 2012 - was a notable highlight on the Proton release.

Now, as we begin 2013, Proton Music is delighted to release Pablo Acenso's first full solo venture on the label with his brand new three track EP, "The Sound of the Sun". The opening track, "Milky Way" comprises a popping, clicking percussive groove against a backdrop of floating and oscillating pads that ably reflect the deep space sound they seemingly represent. Simultaneously, a crystal sharp, multi-faceted riff, cuts through the textural layers to create an instantly memorable melodic structure. Consequently, "Milky Way" is a track with a galaxy of nuances.

Title track, "The Sound of the Sun" opens with a distinctly deep house feel, complete with the genre's rhythmic and tonal subtleties. However, as the track develops, progressive house elements are clearly brought to the fore with a deep, rich bass and wonderfully inventive arpeggio that adds a real dynamism and energy to the track as it locks itself hypnotically to the rhythmic elements.

The final track, "Leftonthemoon" plays further to Pablo's strengths as a master of the house genre in its many guises. Similar to its track predecessor, this is a work steeped in deep house elements, combined with a progressive edge. A strong beat locked to a deep bass provides the bedrock for offbeat hi-hats to create groove and rhythm. A simple but effective pitch-shifted and modulated melodic phrase then wends itself across proceedings to give a lazy, gravity-less feel to the track.

Three brand-new tracks from one of the talented crop of new Argentinean producers prove that "The Sound of the Sun" is very much the sound of Pablo Acenso.

01 Milky Way
02 The Sound of the Sun
03 Left on the Moon

JOHN DIGWEED "Left on the Moon here."
NICK WARREN "Great work from Pablo as always."
EELKE KLEIJN "Very nice work on The Sound of the Sun"

Directed by Jay Epoch
Design by Ben Mautner
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Text by James Warren

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