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02/06 Winter Particles 2013

Despite the dark nights and the crisp, cold days, the 'Winter Particles 2013' compilation heralds a fresh start to the year with a collection of eleven tracks to brighten and enliven the musical soul and banish the post-Christmas blues. The quarterly compilation series has been a watchword for high calibre, pitching established Proton family artists alongside a wealth of exciting up-and-coming producers from across the globe. In this regard, the new 'Winter Particles' collection continues to build on the foundations of its predecessors.

With a forthcoming full-length release on Proton Music for their album "The End", inspired by Mayan predictions of a global apocalypse, Sed Project kick off proceedings with the beautiful ambient textures and epic build of "Cross", featuring the haunting vocals of Lisette van den Berg.

Three percussion-heavy and techno oriented tracks follow from Mode B, Ioan Gamboa and, newcomer to the Particles family, Ukraine's Gvozdini. Fellow Ukrainian, Mode B provides a magnificent dark-edged techno number with bass line and upper frequency layers, full of emotion, melancholy and rhythmic sizzle. Ioan Gamboa brings a lighter, bouncing combination of stabs and rhythm to the collection with "Niernes", while Gvozdini's "The New Dimension" is a wonderful collage of strong beats against a backdrop of an arcing, crystalline lead line that cuts through like a laser-guided missile.

The next triumvirate of offerings take a deeper groove-laden house approach. Argentinean, Martin Etchegaray provides a warm hypnotic vibe with "Sons of the Plastic Era", full of deep house sensibilities and subtle chord progressions, while Juan Goya under his Sound Process moniker keeps the South American connection flowing with the deep, soulful sounds of "Take Off". Dutchman Nick Hogendoorn follows up his recent remix of Sed on Particles with crisp percussive elements, a squelching bass line and a joyous sense of rhythm on "The Lurker".

After his remix of Igor Cold for Particles in December, Poland's Tuxedo takes up a lighter progressive feel with "Eyes Will Tell The Truth", combined with a strong beat and elegantly pan-filtered stabs and airy pads. The new production combination of Ad Brown and Andrew Benson has produced a notable highlight with their track "Impossible is Nothing", full of the dance floor energy that has made Ad Brown famous and coupled with signature sounds from the Benson repertoire.

The final pair of tracks return to a more techno inspired sound with the twirling, cascading arpeggios of Dapple Apple's "Hawking Was Right" and the similarly avant-garde sound of Mobilize with layers of glissando lead line and arpeggios that wend themselves across a landscape of heavy-weight beats in a "Reason To Live".

Eleven tracks from an impressive global array of talent ensure that Winter is very bright for Particles in 2013.

01 Sed Project - Cross? feat Lisette van den Berg
02 Mode B - Siebte
03 Ioan Gamboa - Niernes
04 Gvozdini - The New Dimension
05 Martin Etchegaray - Sons of the Plastic Era
06 Sound Process - Take Off
07 Nick Hogendoorn - The Lurker
08 Tuxedo - Eyes Will Tell the Truth
09 Ad Brown and Andrew Benson - Impossible Is Nothing
10 Dapple Apple - Hawking Was Right
11 Mobilize - Reason to Live

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Marina Gerardi
Design by Ben Mautner
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Text by James Warren

LUIS JUNIOR - "Very nice compilation."
NICK WARREN - "Some goodies here. Mode B stands out."
EMBLISS - "Pure quality. Mode B, Martin Etchegaray, and Nick Hogendoorn smash it!"
ALEXEY SONAR - "Good stuff here. Can't decide what to support!"
MANGO - "Nice compilation."
MARSH - "Brilliant music. Wow."

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