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01/24 The Jonas Afonso Remix Album on Apollo

Hailing from Amsterdam, Jonas Afonso is a perfect illustration of EDM in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Inspired by the film "Berlin Calling", Jonas set about trying to "express his creativity" with simple equipment, online tutorials and thirst for creating "interesting sounds".

After a chance meeting with fellow Dutchman, Stefan Vincent - friend to both the Apollo and Particles imprints - Jonas soon signed his debut four-track "Sarphatipark" EP with the latter in June 2011. With support from Hernan Cattaneo, Barry Jamieson and Erich Von Kollar, it was clear that Jonas' ability to produce impressive soundscapes and immaculate rhythmic structures had not taken long to evolve to commercial fruition.

Since then, Jonas has also become a regular contributor to both the Apollo and Particles labels, with his eponymously titled album appearing on the former in December 2011. The jewel studded full-length album was full of melodic techno gems and infectious dance floor rhythms. Never were these skills more clearly demonstrated in tracks such as the superb, "We Have Wings" and "Lucid Dreaming".

Now, as the first anniversary passes on "Jonas Afonso", Apollo is very proud to announce the release of "The Remix Album", comprising a very special collection of remixes of Jonas' original works from the some of the finest modern deep house and techno pioneers.

Evident from the outset, the album, as a collective, is full of dance floor vibrancy and energy. The two opening tracks are testament to this fact, with Robin Virag and Chris Junior's remix of "Biography" and Anthony Mea's rework of "Two Brave Men" providing groove-laden rhythms in abundance while staying true to the essence of their original versions. Eddie F, Ellroy and Pion continue in a similar vein with wonderful bass-line infused rhythms while Peluca ups the pace with a fizzing techno piece, full of melodic intricacy. It is Seraphine who provides the final word on an album full of hugely impressive work with a beautiful, down tempo revisit to "We Have Wings" which provides a perfect juxtaposition to its original counterpart.

A collection of producers at the height of their collective powers has ensured "The Remix Album" is a perfect corollary to Jonas Afonso's eponymous album.

01 Biography (Robin Virag & Chris Junior 80's Remix)
02 Two Brave Men (Anthony Mea Remix)
03 Cosmic Bodies (Eddie F Remix)
04 Lucid Dreaming (Peluca Remix)
05 Subtle Message (Ellroy Remix)
06 Purple Funk Elephant (Pion Remix)
07 We Have Wings ft. Lophius (Seraphine Remix)

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Renee Ugarteche
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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