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01/16 Stoynoff, Fretwell, Faskil & Noki trace Kyohei's "Maps"

From the historical port city of Niigata, Kyohei Akagawa has been responsible for producing some of the most unique and genre-defying music to come out of his native Japan in recent years. Starting out in 2007 with a penchant for progressive trance and mainstream dance music, Kyohei soon became committed to a more experimental sound, influenced by the beats and rhythms of the tech house sound. This new direction was encapsulated with a top 5 Beatport best-seller accolade for his work on Otographic in 2010, and further enhanced with the impressive "Fusen" for Silk Sofa in 2011. Kyohei's work for Particles saw him release his 'Vor dem Fliegen' and 'Unfadable' EPs in 2011 with the former receiving stellar remixes from Kobana and Stimpack.

It is with this latter EP that Particles now returns with a revisit to the original track plus three brand new remixes of the unique, complex and stunning, "Maps Unfadable".

From the US state of Illinois, Nick Stoynoff has been a resident artist on the Proton roster throughout 2012, with his "Berlin Dream" EP drawing plaudits from all corners of the globe. Subsequent remixes came from Magitman, Scotty.A and Colourblock and his track "Nebulas" - co-written with Ad Brown for the Proton VS series - a memorable highlight of the progressive year. Remixing Kyohei Akagawa, Nick further illustrates his depth of skill by crafting a melodic masterpiece with echoes of the pioneering German electronic music acts, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Machine beats and straight bass line effortlessly interlock with crystalline delayed arpeggios to provide a thoroughly modern 'Stoynoff take' on a classic sound.

South Yorkshire man, Tim Fretwell, from the steel city of Sheffield, has been at the forefront of UK progressive breaks since the mid 90s, gaining a high-profile reputation after an approach from John Digweed to remix Pole Folder and CP's "Dust" in 2002. Since then, Fretwell's production and remix work has played host to some of the finest EDM imprints including, Global Underground, Armada and Proton. His excellent interpretation of Abdomen Burst's "Ex Machina" in the summer of 2012 showcased Tim's talent on Particles, and his remix of "Maps Unfadable" here, is an exquisite peak-time progressive house affair with driving beats, emotive chord progressions and copious layers of melodic finery, all wrapped up in a crisp rhythmic shell. This is the work of a man who knows his craft and continues to deliver excellence time after time.

The final remix brings together the combined continental talents of Faskil and Noki. Belgian, Jean-Christophe Detrain has been synonymous with an emotional blend of progressive house and breaks since 2005. With a plethora of works signed to the likes of microCastle, Spring Tube, and the Silk family of labels, Faskil's trademark sound has seen his stock rise steadily to generate a significant following, reflected in the increasingly popular "Silly Waffles" radio show, and much-anticipated collaborations with Proton progenitor, Derek Howell. With two remixes for Incepto in 2012, Faskil has once again teamed up with graphic designer Eric Pochez under his Noki guise for a third outing, this time on Particles. The duo's remix of Kyohei Akagawa is full of Faskil's trademark deep, emotive brand of progressive. A seismic kick drum generates a huge driving beat while the build of luscious pads, deep bass and sparkling melody from Akagawa's original, produce a remix steeped in emotion and vitality.

With a trio of classy remixes added to Kyohei Akagawa's original, success remains brightly 'mapped' across an undimmed path.

1 Original Mix
2 Nick Stoynoff 'Teac' Mix
3 Fretwell Remix
4 Faskil & Noki Remix

Directed by Jay Epoch
A&R by Renee Ugarteche
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

SANTIAGO GARCIA The melody rocks, so do the remixers!
EMBLISS Really a quality release. My favorite is Nick's remix!
DEREK HOWELL Nick's remix is great.
NIKKO.Z Nick's remix for me.
MANGO The whole package is super strong!
SILINDER Nick's remix for me.
VERVE Nick's remix is pretty special.

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