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01/14 Two brothers, two disks: Moonbeam's Compiled & Mixed

From the economic and cultural heartland of Nizhny Novgorod, Russian duo Pavel and Vitaly Khaleev have been long and valued friends of the Proton family. Since 2007's Samurai EP first stormed the digital airwaves, the brothers have been a regular and returning fixture to the label, with productions under their Mondstrahl guise being a techno highlight of 2012. Furthermore, the hugely popular 'Moonbeam Music' show provides a monthly showcase extolling the talents from the trio of record labels run by the siblings, alongside choice cuts from their own virtual box.

With a brand new "Moon Magic" artist agency recently launched, 3 full-length albums under their belts, a plethora of releases on industry leading labels such as Armada, Cold Harbour and Songbird, and a fourth album entitled "The Random", set for release in early 2013 on Black Hole, the brothers' rise to the upper echelons of EDM domination has been nothing short of stratospheric.

Thus, it was a natural decision to ask the Moonbeam boys to deliver the next instalment of the "Compiled and Mixed" series for Proton Music and they, in turn, have reciprocated with a 2-hour, 30-track odyssey of discovery across the Proton family label roster. Beautifully composed, crafted and blended, productions and remixes from Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Ryan Davis and Jody Wisternoff intermingle effortlessly with the nubreeds of Jorg Murcus, Ewan Rill and the rising stars of Kobana and Soundprank amongst a host of other hugely-respected artists. With a sprinkling of their own material added to the blend, Moonbeam have produced a mix of sparkling quality.

To the EDM connoisseur and new initiate alike, Moonbeam's "Compiled and Mixed" is manna from heaven.


disk 1
01 Jorg Murcus - The Taint of the Mirror (Soulwerk Remix) [Particles]
02 Ryan Davis - Clouds Passing By (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Proton Music]
03 Spacebeat - Skydiving [Fluro Music]
04 Denis A - Sith (Spartaque 'In Concept' Mix) [DAR]
05 Gum - Phatty (Max Fusion Edit) [Micro Digital]
06 Ewan Rill - Artificial Life (Tip D'Oris Remix) [Green Snake]
07 Moonbeam - Only This Moment [Proton Music]
08 Circulation - Turquoise (Guy J Remix) [Mesmeric]
09 Adam Sheridan, Tobias Lofthaus - Bi Polar [Axon]
10 Moonbeam - Multi Fly [Proton Music]
11 N'TO - Ekphrasis (Max Cooper's Porcelain Remix) [klangwelt]
12 Soundprank - A Single Many [Replug]
13 Magnetie - Daydreaming 24-7 [BCSA]
14 Oleg Nych - Palmyra (Tip D'Oris Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
15 dPen, Miriam Vaga - Huldra (Deepfunk's Haunted Mix) [Southsight]

disk 2
01 Victor Slate - Binocular Cyclops [LightmuZik]
02 Toby Hedges - Daydream (Hazem Beltagui Sunrise Mix) [Fractal]
03 Wahi - More Soul Please (Robert Babicz Remix) [Curbed]
04 Denis A - Raver Pig (Pig & Dan Remix) [DAR]
05 Moonbeam - Insight (Vocal Mix) [Proton Music]
06 Meeke - Something Else [Mango Alley]
07 Miami Ice - The Way You [Form & Function]
08 Faskil - How to Confuse a Cat (Kobana Remix) [Spring Tube]
09 Stimpack - Dreams of Victory [Mandarine Music]
10 Medway, Luke Porter - RTFM (Cid Inc. Remix) [microCastle]
11 Santiago Garcia - Long Illness (Luke Porter Mix) [Baires Records]
12 Asten - Borealis (Microtrauma's Offshore Dub) [Festival Lounge Limited]
13 G-Mohris, Nikola Tuckovic - Backbite [Vurtical]
14 Feu D'or - Chasin' Joe (Jody Wisternof Remix) [Intricate]
15 Niolle - No Matter feat. Bataman [Forza]

Directed by Jay Epoch
Design by Ben Mautner
Compiled, Mixed, and Mastered by Moonbeam
Text by James Warren

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