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01/09 Nick Hogendoorn, Exoplanet remix Sed Project

With their 'Future Able' EP on Particles in 2011, Dutch duo Sed Project, launched themselves into the electronic scene with considerable aplomb. Showing a rare ability to craft intricate original pieces, the 5-track offering saw quality remixes from Inkfish and Mobilize and confirmed Sed as the musical "storytellers" they aim to be. Now, with apocalyptic timing the ancient Mayans would have been proud of, 21.12.12 has seen the release of Sed's full-length 50-minute album, 'The End' complete with rich and colourful Turner-esque artwork by Hessel Stuut. The album's initial release, via the Bandcamp website, sees it available in both virtual and physical forms. A wider distribution through Proton Music is also set to follow in 2013 with the album track "Cross" featuring on the upcoming 2013 Winter Particles compilation.

Now, following its original release on the 2012 Winter Particles compilation, Particles is pleased to give a full release to Sed Project's 'Some Will Figure'. This beautifully crafted, progressive breaks number, replete with characteristic melodic arrangements and a deeply modulated bass line, now receives two supreme remixes from the masterful Dutch contingent of the Particles roster.

Following a number of collaborative releases with fellow Dutch star, Eelke Kleijn, for the likes of Global Underground, Tilth and Kleijn's own 'Outside The Box' imprint, Nick Hogendoorn has had considerable solo success of his own on a number of Proton family labels, including, Per-vurt, A Must Have and the recent progressive house gem, 'Science' on Silk Textures. Also hosting 'Below Sea Level' on Proton Radio, Nick's remix of Abdomen Burst's 'Ex Machina' was a summer highlight. Turning his attentions to Sed, Hogendoorn has produced another chunky, rhythmic affair, laden with a huge bass line that ties itself perfectly to the strong beats, shifting percussion and short vocal cuts. Layers of intricate melodic components only serve to underline Nick Hogendorn's considerable talents and acute understanding of his craft.

Oscar van der Knaap under his Exoplanet guise is an artist who requires very little introduction to the EDM faithful. A Particles regular since 2008, Oscar has been one of the label's most prolific contributors with over 70 tracks to his name. Not content with a galaxy of star releases, Exoplanet's 2011 album, 'Nothing Divides Us Here' was a Proton Music bestseller of the year and his radio show 'Metaspace' providing a 'metaphysical journey through atmospheric layers' with unparalleled ingenuity. It is against this backdrop that his remix of "Some Will Figure" is an exquisite amalgamation of sounds, textures and complex rhythmic components, combined with a growling chasm-deep bass line, and brought together in a rich multi-layered arrangement that defies any definition by accepted norms. Suffice it to say this is music of the highest production quality.

With a trio of Dutch producers on top form, Sed Project 'will figure' brightly in "The End".

01 Original Mix
02 Nick Hogendoorn remix
03 Exoplanet remix

Directed by Jay Epoch
Mastered by Exoplanet and Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

JAYTECH - Great sounds here.
EMBLISS - Triple dutch! Nick Hogendoorn's remix is really something else.
MARSH - Love this. Very inspiring sounds
SILINDER - Love the Original.
INKFISH - The Original Mix is well, original -- and awesome. Great production.

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