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Proton Radio Featured Labels
Looq Records

Download the Proton logo for use on flyers, websites, newsletters... you name it. If you are having trouble with any of these files or have a question, please don't hesitate to email us!

The Proton logo in orange.

The Proton logo in white.

The Proton logo in black.

DJs and artists often email us asking for radio jingles to place over their mix to either denote it as a Proton set or to protect unsigned and/or upcoming tunes from being ripped off the stream.

Thanks to a couple of Proton resident DJs, we now have a set of voice overs for people to download. Feel free to use these in any set you make for the station-- but please don't go around putting them on anything else!

Proton Robot Voice Over (Brianiac)
Proton Female Voice Over (Ready Mix)
Proton Radio Voice Over @ 130BPM (Jeff Belfi)
Proton Radio Voice Over Pack (Stefan Anion)
Proton Radio Voice Over Pack (Brian Aneurysm)

We're always looking for new voice overs or radio jingles, so if you want to be heard by thousands of Proton fans feel free to email us with your own!

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