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DJ Sense'

Dj Sense' started his music career in the summer of '94 after a few years cutting his teeth in Denver's emerging rave scene. This contemplative DJ moves from record to record with purpose and pinpoint precision. His philosophy toward DJing has always put an emphasis on programming. "One wrong record in the wrong place can kill a party, like-wise one record placed perfectly in context can blow a room up like no other feeling in the world", quotes Sense'.

His views on programming came from some of his earliest club experiences while attending design school at Syracuse university. Sense' was deeply influenced by what he was hearing in clubs like the Limelight (Disco 2000), the Tunnel (first Junior Vasquez then Danny Tenaglia's D-Tour at the same venue), and Twilo. DJ Sense' soaked up the whole experience seeing a city built on long DJ sets that were crafted over the course of an entire night sometimes. Taking the name Sense' meaning "teacher" in the Japanese martial arts, he set off to educate Denver's rave scene taking cues from one of the best clubbing cities in the world.

Locally DJ Sense' had played for almost every major promoter in town with some of the industries top DJ's such as John "Quivver" Graham, Dave Ralph, David Morales, Mark Grant, Chris Fortier, and many others. He made his name in the rave scene being the "close out man". Send 'em home feeling good and leave them excited to come out for the next event made bringing in the sunrise a special task. DJ Sense' has expanded his record collection as well as his skills as a DJ to not only bring in the sunrise but to also play any timeslot with confidence.

As Denver's rave scene began moving into the clubs Sense' was right in the thick of things landing one of his first residencies with Denver's Pound Boys (Look At You Records) on Saturday nights. This was in '95 after graduating from Syracuse with a BFA in advertising design. Since then he has held down numerous residencies in main rooms, second rooms, and lounges throughout Denver to the present. DJ Sense' currently holds down a weekly Saturday residency in the main room at Club Spin (formerly Sanctuary) which has been a streak almost three years running.

In the fall of '98 DJ Sense' opened Casa Del Soul Records, a retail record shop specializing in dance music and DJ culture. A year later he added a record label by the same name and has continued to run both successfully for the last four years. With fourteen releases to date and almost half of them licensed to some fairly high profile DJ mixes, DJ Sense' definitely has a firm grasp of what works on the dancefloor.

DJ Sense' has also added production to his hectic schedule with original works and remixes released on labels like Look At You Records (Denver), Twitch (USA), Big Chief (NYC), Fire (UK), Spiritual (Holland), and Northern Lights (B.C.) as well as his own imprint Casa Del Soul. He has also recorded under Rhythmcentric with DJ Foxx. Rhythmcentric's "New School Fusion" hit the charts in the UK (top 15 Miami WMC / 2001), made it in the top 20 buzz chart in Mixer magazine (2001), as well as making it into the top ten in the pop charts in France.

With an intense work ethic towards everything he does whether it be in the DJ booth, in the studio, or doing freelance design, DJ Sense' pushes to do them all well and with style. This intense work ethic has landed him gigs in NYC (Centro-Fly, Baktun, Filter 14), Atlanta (Future Fest 2001), Salt Lake City, Vancouver B.C. (Deepen), Toronto, Quebec City, and Miami (WMC 2002). This year DJ Sense' looks to push his production work, the record label, and the touring up a notch on all levels.

The Top Ten Tear Jerkers In My Collection (not necessarily in this order)

I chose to do this as my top ten list for a few reasons. First it gives a little glimpse into my collection as a DJ and shows a little more depth about my music history in electronic music. Secondly, I have just recently relocated to the East Coast and this chart represents the incredible amount of change in my life as it is with so many others in these strange times.

When I moved my collection I had to sort through all 3000 records of it upon my arrival to the NYC area. I found so many records that have been lost in the shuffle but have greatly influenced my life in so many ways. Lastly, digging through my collection has been a very important process to moving forward. It's one of those things where sometimes you need to see where you came from to see where you are going. I hope some of you can relate...enjoy!

01. The Primitive Painter "Hope" - Klang (R&S) / '92
Hope was one of the tracks off of this ambient album and it probably has some of the most beautifully emotive chords and keys that I've ever heard. Completely electronic sounds, this was one of my ultimate "come down" tracks after a long night out in some warehouse.

02. Second Crusade (Paul Hunter) "The Choice Is Yours" - Freeze Dance
This deep house gem is my ultimate bluesey house record. It somehow is able to make me feel such a deep sadness and at the same time is so uplifting. This soulful deepness sounds timeless to me.

03. Corrina Joseph "Lonelee Dub" - Atlantic Jaxx / '97
"Where did our love gooooo.....". Produced by Basement Jaxx this dub is at house tempo but almost sounds like drum and bass. Twisted sounds that sounded so dark and lovely, I think I'm gonna cry.

04. Sound Patrol "Tripping Among The Stars" - Organico Limited / '94
This is my favorite track off of Derrick Carter's "Sweetened No Lemon" album. I played this on top of a houseboat on Lake Powell last year with some of my most amazing friends on the planet. It was pitch black, we were anchored inside this canyon, and when you looked up it was like a huge river of stars. You get the picture...

05. Jam & Spoon "Stella" - R&S
This classic just couldn't be left out. The key line still gives me a tingle up my spine when I hear it played out on a system. If you don't know this one, you better find out; History 101.

06. Paris Red "Git Wit Me (Timewriter Remix) - Glow / '99
The Timewriter nailed this one. The vocal is in a real R&B vein but this is straight up tech house drenched in soulful, sexy, sadness.

07. Vince Watson "Out Of The Deep" - Alola / '99
Purely instrumental, but it stirs the emotions like no other. Now I'm feeling sentimental...

08. Jamie Myerson "Rescue Me (Angel's Smooth & Soulful Mix)" - Ovum / '97
The original D&B mix of this is equally as beautiful but the Angel Moraes mix is the one that brings back so many memories. I think I need to be rescued because I had to get two copies to keep the love and sorrow going just a little longer.

09. The Timewriter "Jigsaw Pieces" - Plastic City / '98
I think this was one of the most underrated dance albums for sure. This album was put together so well as a concept and it says it all in the credits..."Thanks... for all those magic moments and moods in the sun and under the moon." Wicked!

10. Sade "Nothing Can Come Between Us" - Epic / '88
I was only going to feature electronic music but I had to make an exception for this one. This song is off of my favorite Sade album "Stronger Than Pride" and just makes you feel like gettin' sexed up or crying a river depending on the situation. I used to rock the Sade tapes in my car every weekend on the ride home from ravin'. It later became my trademark to play some Sade when I closed out parties behind the decks... I still do it to this day if the crowd is right.