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Atomic Hooligan

Matt Welch and Terry Ryan are Atomic Hooligan. Based deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, the lads have been meddling with everything breakbeat since the early 90's. Matt and Terry's attitude towards music is a new and refreshing one, they simply refuse to follow the path already walked!

The last couple years have seen the Hooligan's profile rise exponentially, with guest DJ mixes on Kiss FM and Roni Size's 'Sounds of Now' on Ministry of Sound Radio. Other high points for the boys this year have been; mixing two compilations for the Hooligan's long time label Botchit and Scarper '4Vini' and 'Botchit Breaks 5', multiple DJ trips to Spain and the current North American tour. Atomic Hooligan each time pulling crowds roughly the same size as ones you would expect at an average summer festival here In the UK!

With an album about to drop later this year and an upcoming World Tour (plus more dates planned for the hooligan five piece live band) the future is bright! The future is Atomic!