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Mobilee Records

mobilee records was launched in 2005 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest new stars in Berlin's glittering galaxy of electronic-music labels, producers and DJs. Founded and owned by Anja Schneider—previously known as a radio host and DJ, now one of the label's most celebrated producers—and by the help of Ralf Kollmann, the label boasts a sound that is at once familiar and new. Based on the timeworn structures of house and techno, mobilee's approach is a triple threat: its records reference vintage dancefloor minimalism, trade ideas with likeminded contemporaries, and suggest surprising new directions for a genre that has weathered both hype and backlash—yet keeps on clicking.

More than any particular stylistic hallmark, surprise is the defining characteristic of mobilee's releases: here, rhythm is a game, and drumbeats and acidic squiggles serve as playing chips, puzzle pieces, rolling dice. Mobilee's palette is broad (and bright: you won't find better sounding records, from deepest sub-bass to the most crystalline highs), but no matter what the sound source—from grinding machines to digital glitches—the groove is paramount. mobilee's dubby, laid-back cuts are as quietly compelling as its anthems are immediate. Strings and rave stabs go somersaulting through the grass; smoky voices throw shadows across the darkest corners of the club. Aspiring to be more than the manufacturer of simple DJ tools, mobilee publishes tracks full of finely turned hooks and hypnotic depths, the stuff of today's charts and tomorrow's classics.

In addition to Anja Schneider, mobilee artists include the DJ and producer team Pan-Pot, Sebo K, Nhar, GummiHz and Exercise One, alongside remixes and one-off contributions from Daniel Stefanik, Magda, M.I.A., Shyza Minelli, UND, Duplex 100 and Jennifer Cardini & Shonky. Ralf Kollmann is the last piece of the puzzle; while Anja handles A&R and overall label vision, Ralf's job includes label management, strategy and making sure the work of mobilee's artists reaches as many eager ears as possible.

Upcoming Projects:

„back to back“ Tour – October 2006 to February 2007 across Europe

„back to back“ Double-CD Compilation incl. Anja Schneider Bonus Mix with exclusive Remixes

„back to back“ limited Vinyl 12“ Remix Series (Vol. 1-4)

mobilee discography...

mobilee 001 - Sebo K - Too Hot (inkl. Shyza Minelli Rmx/UND Rmx)

mobilee 002 - Pan-Pot - Popy & Caste EP

mobilee 003 - Sebo K & Anja Schneider - Side Leaps EP

mobilee 004 - Exercise One - Easy Things EP (inkl. Duplex 100 Rmx)

mobilee 005 - Pan-Pot - Obscenity EP

mobilee 005plus - Daniel Stefanik & Pan-Pot - Extra EP

mobilee 006 - Side Leaps EP Remixe (Magda, M.I.A., Jennifer Cardini & Shonky)

mobilee 007 - Sebo K - Horizons

mobilee 008 - Nhar - Hexoflip

mobilee 009 - GummiHz - Select & Bounce

mobilee 010 – Anja Schneider – Lily Of The Valley – Release Date May

mobilee 011 – Exercise One – Debaya - Release Date June

mobilee 012 – Pan-Pot – Black Lodge - Release Date July

mobilee 013 – GummiHz – Modern Dynamic – Release Date July

mobilee 014 – Sleeper Thief – Chasing You

mobilee015 – remix series vol. 1 / V.A. (Sebo K/Prosumer Remixe)

mobilee016 – remix series vol. 2 / V.A. (Pan-Pot/GummiHz Remixe)

mobilee017 – remix series vol. 3 / V.A. (Jesse Rose/Exercise One Remixe)

mobilee018 – remix series vol. 4 / V.A. (Anja Schneider/Daniel Stefanik Remixe)

mobileecd01 – mobilee “back to back” double cd-compilation