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Bjorn Larsen

Bjorn Larsen is an aspiring DJ in the growing Houston dance community. His involvement with the dance scene started in the middle of 2001, where he witnessed Nick Warren’s explosive set at the legendary Hyperia. This marked the beginning of his appreciation for the club culture and ultimately his passion for the music itself.

More importantly, he found great friends within the community who shared the same passion for the vibe. Many of these friends would also become aspiring artists, most notably Asif Ahmed, Derek Howell, Eric Reeves (Litex), Marlon Mancia, Jeff Shelton, and Ecubes. Together with his friends, Bjorn impresses many in Houston with his artistic talent and love for the music.

Bjorn has played in many locations throughout Houston for the past three years including the Hookah Bar, Rich’s, Helios, and Solero. Most recently, he has been making guest appearances on the MK Ultra show on 91.7 FM KTRU. Soon, he hopes to start work on his own productions and regularly playing in clubs throughout Texas.