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Sean Carnahan

Sean started out by spinning a wide variety of eclectic house and trip hop music at the age of 18 in college in Austin, TX. Spinning at campus and various house parties, he soon began to bring it to smaller clubs in the city. His weekly night party at a 6th street bar called "Stephanie's" became a hot night spot in a predominantly live-music area. At this time, Sean's versatile selection and technical ability to drop beats behind any style of music (essentially making any track danceable), became quite the spectacle in a well-known live music city. Artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, and other guitar and blues legends would come visit to hear him make funky trip hop sounding versions of many classic blues and rock tunes. "A very unique digital beat oriented layered blend of live and digital sounds you actually start looking for the band.." was the way the local student paper described his performance.

Early Formative Days : Paying the Dues:

After college where he studied for a Master of Social Work degree, he moved to Houston to become a social worker, primarily working with youth as a focus. Starting a career as a youth social worker took a lot of time and emotion. His resume for this includes The Covenant House, TRS, Austin Gang Task Force, C.H.A.N.G.E. youth gang program, and a variety of city and state runaway shelter programs. All this involvement gave Sean a unique perspective and solid foundation of reality. All throughout his time with social work, music and DJing remained ingrained deeply as his love and desire. He continued to produce tracks and buy records, but did not focus on DJing publicly, instead working the decks in his home as a love-felt art form.

Sean offered to DJ at the youth and runaway shelters on weekends and have a sort of lock in for street youth. The deal: he would provide a DJ event if they would come off the streets and stay at the shelter for the night. This blending of the two loves of social work and DJing took Sean to a variety of youth shelters doing parties throughout the state. It allowed him to develop a deep understanding of how music is a powerful spiritual experience. He continues to see DJing as a soul touching experience that is very important and very powerful, and applies this concept when DJing to any crowd. His diversity and amazing ability to use all genres with authority is amazing when heard in the mix. He focuses on the emotions of songs, not so much the genre, even today. This time of DJing showed Sean one of his heart felt principles worked everywhere, from shelters to clubs. It's not about the club, its about the people on the dancefloor. If they leave a better person, then it went off properly.

Soon DJing to clubbers again became something he desired. Seeing that it was extremely difficult to get noticed or get a job without the right connections, Sean decided to go back to his roots and started to throw a weekly party. His first club nights, Social, Lollypop Soul Shoppe, and The G Spot all moved around weekly to various locations. When he held his G Spot parties at a club, the place was packed, quickly getting him noticed by club owners.


Having established a strong following and a wide network of support as a favorite DJ to most promoters, DJ Sean Carnahan is now one of the more known regional DJ's and boasts a huge following of clubbers in his loyal network. He attributes a lot of his rise to his supporters, such as legendary underground club owner Neil Heller, Billy Blatty, Noah Flom, and a slew of promoters throughout the years. Neil Heller understood Sean's seriousness about music and approached him about doing a second room at his famous underground Club Some in 1995. Sean started there in 1995 and remained one of the Saturday night residents for the entirety of its existence.

When Club Some moved and opened as the new club Hyperia in 2000, Sean went there as well and remains a strong part of that now legendary club. In 2001, Sean was brought to New Orleans by Noah Flom and Billy Blatty for one of the highly attended and legendary Fat Black Pussy Cat parties. He was slated as an opener to a large list of respectable name DJ's. Sean's set blew them all away and he gained instant residency for the events, which he remains part of even today. As the demand for the Fat Black parties became large enough for a weekly spot to handle, it blossomed into the opening of a club called Ampersand in New Orleans. Ampersand is a now internationally known club for the best in progressive music and house.

Sean shares residency at Ampersand with events featuring people like Ron Carroll, Quivver, Parks and Wilson, Sander Kleinenberg, D:Fuse, Danny Moore, Heaven, Sean Cusik, & Chris Fortier. Ampersand is a leader in the music of that city. This, along with Hyperia in Houston, started his collaboration with some of the worlds best producers for music.


Sean has received a wide variety of main floor residencies over the past 5 years. He has resided at Avalon, G Spot, Revere, Rich's Lollipop Soul Shop, Liquid Lounge, Club Some, Spy, Tonic, Regines, 804 Underground, Jones Bar, Club 410, Prague, Pacific Street, Davenport, Power Tools, Oz, Loft, Ampersand, and at Fat Black Pussy Cat in New Orleans. Additionally, Sean has spun repeated events and parties for Cirque Du Soliel, Chanel, Cartier, D&G, Saks 5th Avenue, Bulgari, Lucky Mag, and Versace.

Sean has been booked as the opening act for bands such as The Toadies, Wallflowers, Earth Wind and Fire, Hunger, and many more. He has split headlining at club functions with Carl Cox, Misstress Barbara, Paul Oakenfold, Donald Glaude, Heaven, Slacker, Noel Sanger, Joshua Ryan, Stacey Pullen, Benji Solis, Mea, Jeremy Healy, D:Fuse, Jimmy Van M, Chad Kinkle, Cliff T, Rob James, MindX, Thee O, Agnelli and Nelson, Doc Martin, Dan Bailey, Quivver, Keoki, The Crystal Method, Arkarna, Gus Gus, Chris Fortier, and many others. Sean repeatedly wins city wide polls as the city's Best DJ (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001), and has been featured in a long list of magazines and websites such as the Press, FEEDBACK,, rave420, 002mag,, and other various music sites. His weekly radio show mixed live on air, called Downtown Underground, is a Friday night broadcast on the largest station in the city, 104 KRBE, Arbitron rated with over 890,000 listeners. This show took Sean to a new large status and he continues to play nationally at a variety of clubs and large scale events.

Sean resides or regularly spins in cities such as New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Austin, Miami, & Las Vegas and has even taken his career to a higher plateau by being one of the first USA DJs to perform with UK's Slinky in the USA. Last year saw him on the headline stage of Slinky in the UK as well. His addictive sets of Progressive tech house / tech trance, blending all sorts of sounds and styles together with ease and perfection, bring a very loved style to clubbers and DJ’s alike. Presently Sean resides in both Houston (4 residencies - Karma, South Beach, Lotus and Tastylick) and New Orleans (2 residencies - Ampersand, Fat Black Pussy Cat) along with a full schedule of event bookings.


Following his success as a regional DJ, Sean then ventured on to music production, remixing and producing over 17 tracks to date with the Tastylick studio team of Champa Moore, Vishnu, and Russian producer MIR. This allowed Sean to put his focus on his love: to be a electronic resonance evangelist. Tastylick's first EP was released at the 2001 Winter Music Conference and has gained the respect and recognition of many producers, making Sean a formidable studio talent. He has many coveted remix recordings that have become regional club standards over the years along with 9 mix CD’s out to date. His tracks are currently under licensing consideration with many of the top UK labels. His style of funky, wet, heart-hitting tech house/tech trance with a deeper, harder progressive sound has graced a respected and coveted series of vinyl releases. He works with and collaborates with the best in select genres and his respect and admiration among industry heads (both regionally and internationally) show a rising star in the Lone Star state emerging again.


Keeping up with Sean is a hard task. He co-owns the electronic music production studio Tastylick, writes a monthly nightlife column as music and nightlife editor for the Papercity Magazine, with a printed circulation of over 165,000 to most major markets and saturated in the Texas regional market. In addition, Sean maintains a column and review section as the music editor for Citybeat, and SCTC. If that isn't enough, he maintains a weekly newsletter, weekly netmix broadcast, weekly schedule in the studio, and daily contact with membership at his music website which has grown to over 17,000 subscribers and over 2,000 user sessions daily, and of course, his weekly gig bookings and residencies.

In 2002, Sean was added to the Balance Record Pool. This highly prestigious organization further allows him to bring breaking songs to the region by adding the best new music to his sets each week. This connection has also allowed Sean to bring in famous special guest DJ's to events at clubs where he holds residency. He regularly assists club owners and event promoters in bringing the best music producers to every place he resides, to give the region a taste of talent from all around the world and assist spreading electronic music. 2002 also has seen Sean signed to the new Xbeat music for a full schedule of CD releases regionally and nationally, and he is now collaborating with top producers for a larger distribution of his vinyl releases and remixes. Sean hopes to get his sound and style he has developed over these years to as many people as possible.

direct contact:

sean carnahan

Sean Carnahan
Feb 1st 2003

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